Friday, 12 October 2012

What Pinocchio is trying to tell you

There is an obvious moral message to the film but also some hidden social commentaries that I definitely missed when I watched it as a child. There is an overt religious theme woven into the movie. Biblical references are a central part of the film’s story line from the Blue Fairy who resembles the Blessed Virgin Mary in her role as intercessor to Pinocchio’s time spent in the belly of the whale. Not to mention the resemblance of the wishing star to that which announced the birth of Christ.

My two cent's on the matter: Make sure that you pay close attention to the scene where the Lost Boys tear apart a Catholic Church; it is a detail that sends a powerful message. There is a clear warning about breakdown of the family and religion in society. Disney was prophetic in his portrayal of children who are left to raise themselves.“Pinocchio” is a surprising exploration into the journey of the human soul. That's my two cents, keep the change.)

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